Luther500 Fest - June 27 - July 3, 2022 - is a week-long experience of vacation, cultural immersion, fun and friendship in the Land of Luther. Since 2011, the Luther500 Fest has been the best and easiest way to bring congregations, families and friends to Germany to explore the steps of Martin Luther.

Hosted by Michael and George from Lost And Found, it's an easy and enjoyable way for any congregation to offer a congregational trip to the Land of Luther: Small congregations get all the advantages of group travel without needing to bring a group of forty or more. Bring a few, and join in with new friends on the trip! Families, friends, couples, solo travelers... just jump right in!    


The 2022 Experience begins in Wittenberg, Germany, and ends in Worms (the city, that is!). 

The days are framed by brief morning and evening prayers in the historic churches, and filled by a wide variety of options and discovery for all ages, including Interest Centers, Day Trips, Recreation Options, and Historic Exhibits and Museums, along with plenty of time for shopping, strolling, eating, exploring, conversing, relaxing and reflecting. There is optional evening programing with music, group fun for all ages, and overflowing "Gemutlichkeit" after evening prayers.


Add more days! Visit the Oberammergau Passion Play, The Rhine Valley, and more options. Click here to find out more.




It was in 1521, when Dr. Martin Luther was called to the Imperial Diet of Worms to revoke his beliefs. But he stood firm for his faith, and confessed to Pope and Kaiser: "Here I Stand." He was declared outlaw and heretic, but not executed like other Reformers before him. For the first time in modern European history, resistance against the authorities led the way into modern society, civil rights, and autonomy. It was in Worms that Luther and his fellows were  called "Protestants" for the first time - a proud name the Lutheran Church still bears today. 


On his way back to Wittenberg, he was captured at Wartburg castle for his protection. And spent the time with translating the New Testament into German. In 2022 it will be 500 years since Luther's Bible Translation was published.

Come explore the places that formed the Reformers and find out that Church history mixed with a vacation in Germany can be a whole lot of fun for families, church groups, and solo travelers! You will make life-long memories.

Relax, Revitalize, Remember, ....Re-form!

The  Luther500 event is a great option for smaller congregations! Maybe you've heard from travel planners that your can host a trip the Germany if  you have a group of 40 or more so that you can get the advantages of group travel -- special access, dedicated guides, luxury motor coaches for your group, unique programs and a generally bespoke experience. It's true; those advantages require a substantial group. That's what great about Luther500 -- you can come with 2, a few, or dozens, as you like and are able, and join in with others to get all the perks of a Fabulous Fest! Your congregation, of any size, can offer a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Land of Luther!

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