The Dream Trip for Families!

Traveling to Europe is a fabulous experience.  So much fun, and there is so much to see.  It can give you a perspective on the breadth and age of culture.  It gives you insights into the origins of things and also the legitimate yet different ways of doing things.  These might be as simple as making your mid-day meal larger and dinner smaller, or taking a walk through town in the evening, or finding a manageable work-life balance. And these insights can also be motivations for one’s calling or for a deeper appreciation of relatives and neighbors, even a reflection on the forces that shape the sweep of history.  In other words, as the young people might say, “it’s all good.”

And if these are valuable, even formative, experiences, wouldn’t it be even more valuable to bring your kids?  But travel to Europe with kids can be complicated. What do you do in the evenings? How can you manage two or three restaurants every day?  Is there anything specifically geared toward kids on a European vacation that is known to more than the locals?

That’s one of the ways the Luther500 experience serves families well.  It’s an intergenerational week in Germany with activities and set ups for everyone.  Bring grandparents, mom and dad and the kids! Or, bring the congregation to Germany like any intergenerational event at church.  The days are framed by brief morning and evening prayers in the historic churches.  The mornings and afternoons are full of activities ranging from museums and workshops to bicycle rides or disc golf to arts and crafts and walking tours, or day trips to lovely towns and Luther sites in Eisleben, Erfurt or Eisenach. The town of Wittenberg, our home for the week at Luther500, is full of playgrounds even a zoo, in the shadow of the historic Castle Church. And then, in the evenings, the gathered community enjoys fun together whether it’s a variety show, sing-alongs or a concert, a Rock Opera about the life and times of Martin Luther, and group games. And after the evening prayers, the Biergarten is always open for those who like to extend the fellowship!  Even the Biergarten has a little playground.  

You know what it’s like? It’s like Family Camp in a medieval town where Martin Luther set in motion the Protestant Reformation.  If you are like me, and you love Lutheran Camps and you love History, and you love Europe, then Luther500 is a dream.  And joining us for a week in 2019 would be, well, a dream come true.  

And the photo: @chrisroth1 also posted @luther500festival in instagram.

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