Luther500 Festival

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History, Art, Culture...

History, Art, Culture...


…through visits to historical sites, museums, and the vibrant city of Berlin, and through Interest Centers that give context and bring into focus the message, the meaning and the media of the Reformation. Check out some of the Interest Centers from previous years.

Bring joy, make connections, and leave a mark on the Wittenberg community.

Bring joy, make connections, and leave a mark on the Wittenberg community.


…through unique service projects that will allow you to leave a sign of God’s love in action to the Wittenberg and Eisleben community. 

Kirchens and Kindergardens— renovations of local churches or schools.  

Team up with local residents to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This might include different options like helping with the renovation of church buildings, working in a soup kitchen, a day care center, a thrift store, a hospital, or a seniors’ home. 

We are working in close cooperation with the local congregations of Wittenberg and will serve in whatever ways they explain are most helpful to the congregation and the community.

Worship, Recreation, Fellowship, Vacation...

Worship, Recreation, Fellowship, Vacation...


the presence of God with prayer services every morning and evening at the historic Churhces.  The whole Festival community gathers for prayers, music, and announcements to begin and end each day.  The evening prayers will follow the tradition of the Taize community;  

the joy of new friends as you meet youth and adults from all over the U.S., Germany, Canada, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and many other countries;

Music and Art during events and concerts with your favorite bands from the USA such as  Alathea, LOST AND FOUND, Rachel Kurtz, and Tangled Blue; and with musical groups from Germany to be announced.

… Creation through unique recreation options



The mixologists at our bar, Refill, create innovative and delicious cocktails with a chemist’s precision. Beers crafted by London’s best breweries are on tap and rotated monthly to keep our selections interesting. We also have a small stage where musicians and entertainers of all kinds perform for the sensory delight of our guests.